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Dinofy exhibit stages

The Phases

Dinofy's exhibit unfolds in three transformative phases:
Projected Digital Dinosaur art 'DinofyArt'
Acrylic paintings luminous show   'DinoTouch'
Interactive art to incentive creativity 
We believe that art has the power to transform lives and communities. Our mission is to create a space where people can come together to experience conservation as an art form. 
Hummingbird DINOFY.png
Dinofy Phases explained.png
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Phase one
DinoLight transforms the fossils from the dinosaur pavilion at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC into a stunning display of projected light art. Step into our projection room and see these prehistoric giants come to life as life-size digital representations, immersing you in an otherworldly experience that highlights the importance of their legacy through the lens of science.
These towering creatures represent hope and set the standard for conservation. They compel us to value and protect the Earth's distinctive species in their natural habitat, ensuring they are treasured in the present rather than mourned in retrospect, much like the dinosaurs who have passed into the ethereal realm beyond.
01 Phase DINOlight


Phase two
DinofyArt show of lights! Moving from the vividness of daylight through the intrigue of black-light to the depths of darkness, each phase carrying a hope-infused message. In this play of pigments and electrons, endangered animals are re-envisioned with scaly textures, symbolizing their connection to dinosaurs and highlighting the pressing need for their conservation.

Full Light:
Daylight / Life / Full Color
In the first stage, visitors are bathed in
the full spectrum of daylight, celebrating the vivid, full-color world of endangered animals in their natural habitats. This vibrant setting represents life at its peak, with each creature's unique palette and patterns on grand display, inviting a reflection on the beauty and fragility of life.
Fluorescence / Dark Light / Limbo

As the scene transitions into the second stage, fluorescence takes the forefront. Here, in the dim glow of dark light, we find ourselves in a liminal space—a limbo between light and darkness. This stage uses the dramatic contrast of fluorescent light and potent pigments to symbolize the precarious balance of existence these animals face, capturing the silent scream for immediate conservation action.

Darkness / Glow in the Dark
The final stage quickly plunges into darkness, a domain where hope is conveyed through the glow-in-the-dark bioluminescence body-edge of these animals. It's a powerful visual metaphor for resilience and the persistent spark of life that endures despite challenges, something we can all relate to. In this darkness, the animals show us that there is still light and hope for them to continue existing, and it is up to us to take action and help preserve their luminous presence on Earth. Information and ways to support conservation efforts are highlighted, casting light on pathways to make a tangible difference.
Phases Two DINOFYart


Phase three
DinoTouch ignites and scratches the surface of your creativity and imagination, drawing you into a deeper engagement with the exhibition through innovative tactile materials and unveiling your artistic expressions. This section offers an immersive and entertaining experience that enriches your journey, creating a profound connection with the displays and nurturing your inner artist. 

Your suggested donation helps sustain this exhibit, but the experience doesn't end there—take a piece of it with you! Choose from a variety of dino-themed art materials to remember your visit. Additionally, we provide direct channels for donating to non-profit organizations that champion the conservation of the very species featured in our exhibit. Support the cause and keep a token of this unforgettable journey.
Phases THREE DINOtouch
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