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About the experiece


Embark on an immersive journey where light, science, and art converge, illuminating a path for the preservation of endangered animals. Be inspired by the giants of old in an experience where art and education empower visitors to protect our wildlife. Discover the wonders of Dinofy, where families unite for entertainment and inspiration.

At DinofyArt, we showcase a diverse collection of endangered animals that vary from number of specimens that remain alive in the world. Our exhibits are carefully curated to provide a unique experience for art lovers and enthusiasts alike. From acrylic paintings to projections and holograms, our collection celebrates the hope even in the darkest of places.


Dinofy's inception can be traced back to a deep-rooted passion for history, art, and science. The journey began during childhood, captivated by the magnificence of dinosaurs and their enduring legacy. The fascination grew further when I moved to NYC, living in close proximity to the American Museum of Natural History(AMNH). Despite over a decade of facing various challenges in different careers, unemployment, and immigration, my heart led me back to what I loved most — museum visits and its dinosaur pavilion! Firing up an instinctive urge of inspiration to wonder, imagine and create.
As Dinofy developed and transformed, it became a manifestation of my love for conservancy, creativity, and artistic expressions, fueled by a desire to advocate for our endangered animals. The genesis of Dinofy occurred while playing with a black light I had inherited from a Halloween party and during a night of paint explosion in my NYC apartment. Immersing myself in the allure of light and its absence, I used it as a metaphorical beam of hope to shed light on the plight of endangered animals.
In essence, Dinofy represents the idealism and legacy of studying dinosaurs, aiming to give existing animals a voice and raise awareness for biodiversity and habitat preservation through Art. This collective effort ensures their rightful place among us, so we may understand their story through their existence, rather than solely relying on fossils to tell us their tale.
The Origin of Dinofy


In the process of creating Dinofy's distinctive effect, I incorporated regular acrylics, diluted fluorescent pigments with water for light coats that wouldn't hinder the regular acrylics, and glow-in-the-dark paint expressed through pointillism. This thoughtful approach allowed me to achieve a dynamic movement effect on the creatures, reminiscent of bioluminescence, a sight I experienced during a trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico. Each stroke or dot brought them to life, exuding the essence of life and hope, conveying a meaningful message.
Immersing myself in the exploration of various light environments, I carefully observed the reaction of pigment to light, enhancing the artwork's vibrancy and impact.
Furthermore, my artistic journey extended into the realm of digital techniques. I applied these methods to the photos taken during visits to the AMNH, where existing fossils were proudly on display. This unique fusion of traditional and digital art allowed me, as well as anyone experiencing my technique, to vividly envision how these majestic giants might have appeared when they once roamed the Earth. *Technique's transformation below
AMNH Dinofy Proposal Dumbo.png
About the technique
What will you see i the exhibit


The exhibit offers a captivating experience where visitors witness dinosaurs and animals on the brink of extinction under various lighting conditions, including daylight, dark-light, and darkness. Immersive rooms, innovative technologies, and artistic expressions enhance the visitor's engagement. The mesmerizing spectacle of lights and sound unveils the ethereal world of these animals, while insights into fossilized remains provide a glimpse into the ancient past. The exhibit provides a comprehensive and immersive exploration while participating In entertaining experiences that cultivate creativity, Imagination and artistry.
Dinofy Spaces


DINOFY spaces offer a compelling, free-donation-supported exhibit that not only raises awareness for endangered species but also actively facilitates direct contributions to non-profit organizations dedicated to their conservation while promoting self hope. By amplifying the call for action and spreading knowledge, we inspire visitors to become advocates for these animals. Your presence alone supports a worthy cause, encouraging further engagement and promotion of the exhibit's mission. Join us to 'talk the Dino talk' and 'walk the Dino walk,' making a tangible difference in wildlife preservation."
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